The cost associated with dental procedures vary widely depending upon the type and complexity of the procedure. While the benefits of healthy teeth and gums are immeasurable, dental treatment can sometimes cost quite a great deal.

Dental insurance is most often utilized to offset the cost of dental treatment. However, dental insurance can also be a complex, confusing world to navigate. Dental insurance is not like medical insurance.  Most medical plans cover the entire cost of treatment, with you contributing only a minimal copay. Dental insurance rarely covers an entire procedure.

Dr. Darnell understands this situation and employs experienced team members to help you make sense of your insurance benefits. We will file all insurance claims on your behalf and make sure you get the most coverage possible.

Don’t let the cost of dental procedures get in the way of a healthy smile. Dr. Darnell offers affordable payment options for many of his patients including CareCredit. The first step is to schedule an appointment so we can determine what needs to be done and how much it costs. We can then discuss the various payment options with you.