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There are many benefits for digital X-rays. The most important is lower radiation exposure to you and your family.  Film is exposed and scanned into the computer for immediate viewing without the use of any dangerous chemicals which is safer for you and the environment.  Once in the computer, Dr. Darnell can easily enlarge and enhance the pictures and better inform and educate you on any dental problems.

Your smile can be up to 8 shades whiter in about an hour with Zoom in-office whitening system.  Great for special occasions when you want your smile to look its best but don’t have time to bleach at home.

You can access your account, pay your bill, request/confirm an appointment, download forms or send us a message all from our secure website or mobile App. Dental claims and all supporting documentation are sent fast and efficiently for you electronically.

Dr. Darnell uses high quality digital pictures to educate and discuss with you any dental needs. A picture is worth a thousand words and Dr. Darnell believes you should completely understand what your options are before you even schedule a treatment appointment.